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We provide extra support for students in a variety of subjects.

Is your child in need of a tutor?

Due to low teacher retention, many students are suffering from the high amounts of cover teachers and lack of teaching and learning.


Do you feel you need extra support? 

All our tuitions are online tuition services.
Join us, for an 
introductory lesson, where we discover how best you learn and ensure your tuition is tailored to your needs.

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Students to be able to access the content for their subject that is tailored for them.

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Students to gain confidence in their learning

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Equipping students with the skills needed to excel in exams

Before offering our 1:1 Tuition. We like to take you through 3 phases.


Consultation, Here we will find out your schools curriculum, exam board etc. We will also want to understand your students’ needs within that particular subject to help us identify where we can begin with them.


We like to start our tuition with an introductory lesson which will involve a short test, to discover gaps in learning, and to see where to begin the tuition based on topics. It helps the tutor to know the needs of the student and ensure every session moving forward is tailored to the student.


Lastly, we look at creating a learning journey so the student knows what each session will be covering to get the student exam ready ( if GCSE, A Level year groups) or confident ready in a particular subject. This also brings accountability for parents to know what their child is doing in each lesson.

All our services are rooted in up-to-date research, highly interactive with discussions and activities.

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