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Danielle is a qualified Secondary school teacher.

Prior to this she had 5 years’ experience of facilitating and training working with charities and companies that supported schools across the United Kingdom. She delivered workshops and programmes, facilitated Math’s, English and science Training for students ages 11 – 18years.


Danielle’s passion for young people stemmed from her exposure to Sociology A level, since then she was extremely interested in Education and the social inequality that arises amongst young people. She went to obtain her BA in Politics and Sociology from The University of Manchester, an MA in Policy Studies in Education from The University College London and lastly obtained her PGCE in Citizenship from the University College London in 2019.


Having volunteered in Ghana in 2017 at an Orphanage,  her passion and love for the vulnerable in West Africa was ignited. Danielle saw a great need within the education system and the gaps in teacher quality. She also discovered limited opportunities for the children in the school and area at large. Danielle went back to Ghana many years later and was astounded at the high numbers of unqualified teachers teaching young people in the most deprives of communities in Ghana. She often found herself being requested to train the teachers in the schools she met.

This was the beginning of EIA.


Danielle’s success as a facilitator and trainer has been described as:

“Danielle communicates highly effectively with passion and clarity. She engaged our students and was relational and relevant. She brought challenge to them through personal experience and by facilitating discussion.”


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