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A child from a disadvantaged background is 18 months behind when they take their GCSEs. Woolcock (2020) Financial Times.


Only about 1 in 10 children from poor backgrounds will achieve the same results as those from wealthy backgrounds.

BBC news (2018).



In Ghana there are high rates of unqualified teachers teaching particularly in low fee private schools. As of 2016 41% of males and 28% females were lacking the teacher qualifications to teach.

In rural areas in Ghana, where teacher shortage is at a stark, low pay and travel costs etc (Wilson and Somhlaba, 2017). There is no surprise that rural schools are having the least amount of qualified teachers, inadequate teaching resources, and the highest pupil to teacher ratios (Arkorful et al., 2019; Avotri, 2000).

We found this to be the case and reality for our partner schools.

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