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We provide interactive and engaging workshops for students. 

Our workshops are a great way equipping students with skills and helping them to apply it in real life scenarios and situations. 

Like our talks, our workshops are too under the same three main umbrellas, which we believe is the key for students unlocking their full potential.

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Students to be able to identify limitations that may be blocking them for reaching their full potential.

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Helping students to realise they have everything they need to achieve.

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Equipping students with the skills to help them academically and in later life.

Before offering our talks. We like to take you through 3 phases.


Consultation, we want to listen to understand your students’ needs to help us identify where we can begin with them.


All our services, whether talks, workshops or training are adapted to your context based on our initial discussions with you and data we collect.


Lastly, we look at how we can build upon our workshops, whether offering follow up workshops or providing opportunities with our partners to help your students.

These opportunities consist of but are not limited to providing internship opportunities for students, mentorship programmes, access to secondary school student grants or support with university applications and much more.

All our services are rooted in up-to-date research, highly interactive with discussions and activities.

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