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We are an organisation that support schools to enable all children to reach their full potential despite their individual circumstance.

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EIA started because there is still a lack of social equity within our education system. A child’s class, culture or socio-economic background has a link on the likelihood of their achievement within education and later life. Crenna -Jennings, 2018


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Is bridging the gap of disparity between the children’s educational achievement and their cultural, material or socio - economic background. 


We seek to do this in the United Kingdom by providing students with the skills, knowledge and empowerment to raise educational attainment, raising student aspiration and accessibility of opportunity.

We believe that with knowledge and insight it will empower and inform students with the  practical steps and insights to take the future into their hands.


Whereas in Ghana we seek to do this by training the high rates of unqualified teachers in low fee private schools. We cover topics to help teachers reach their teaching standards. From Improving classroom interaction, assessment, effective discipline and more

We believe that with training and education it will empower and inform these teachers to implement change and provide a better quality for these students.


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We are an organisation designed to empower young people in the UK and and West Africa. 

We equip students with skills, information and mindset training to be prepared to overcome barriers in education and later life. We do this whilst also educating unqualified teachers in low fee private schools who cannot afford qualified teachers in Ghana, West Africa. We train them on the fundamental teacher practice and pedagogy to better support their continued professional development and provide a better quality for their students.

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